Absolute security for documents that matter.


             by LedgerDomain

Blockchain-powered authentication for documents that matter.


Trust is the World's Most Valuable Resource

It should never be given freely. DocuSeal is a document verification tool that creates trust through the security and immutability of blockchain.

With DocuSeal, you can upload sealed documents into private storage. Each document has a unique hash that is immutably stored on the blockchain. When an authorized user retrieves the document, a hash check verifies its authenticity.

In a world where lawyers rely on burdensome paper trails and third-party services, DocuSeal makes documents secure and unforgeable.


Verify Any Document

DocuSeal has radical implications for every situation where authenticity in paperwork matters – from court papers, contracts, and finance to supply chains, journalism, and estate planning.


Identity Verification


Legal documents


Financial documents & investments


Wills & estate planning


Verified Journalism


Priceless cat pictures


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